Our studio was set up from 2006. We are located in Shanghai now. All of us are born in the generation after 80s. At the very first we have only two people, Jin Roh and Clover Xie when we did the Mountain Shu which is a sample for TV program for business goal. We did most of the design and animated part ourselves.
Before start his animation career, Jin Roh has never study any painting skill. One day his friend encouraged him to be a animator. After a short period of study, he went into a cartoon company and then did outsourcing industry for over 8 years.  He was act as an animator and layout for many different cartoons of US, Europe and Japan. When the outsourcing went down, he chose to jump out and do the original films himself.
Clover Xie is act as not only the animation art design but also a CG painter and Manga writer. She has won many prizes for art in country and abroad from childhood to now. After graduated from college, she become a part of WOLFSMOKE and started to do script, art style design and backgrounds painting for short films.
After a few years. we two still being the soul of the studio. On KUNG FU COOKING GIRLS, it's generally done by we two and another inbetweener artist.
But depend on different projects, we now having some new members to joy us and do different projects. And we two will do the pre-design and director to control the idea and quality.
Beyond the stuffs we have published, we also did a lot of pre-production works and will have chance to make them out.
Also we will focus on trying to find more ways to do something different in future.
More of our works will be come out soon.